Creating Community and Space where the Spiritual and Human needs of all Haitians are served in God's Kingdom!

Serving the needs of the Haitian people

Family Home Construction

Helping families that are in desperate need of sustainable housing.

​Water Purification

Helping Haitians gain access to clean drinking water.

Medical Clinic & Pharmacy

We provide access to healthcare and prescription medicine for Haitians.

God's Promise Church

Serving the spiritual & human needs of the Haitian people.

Ways to Help


We empower and assist Haitians in order to improve their standard of living. Consider contributing to one of our many projects today!

Student Scholarships

Although public education in Haiti exists, there is very little, if any, public funding available to meet the needs of the students or schools. As a result, of the over 15,000 schools in Haiti, 90% are private and they require a family to pay tuition fees of $150 per student, which represents 15% of a family's annual income of $560. This fee does not include uniforms and shoes, school supplies, food, and other costs. When students are able to attend, the length of stay is less than 4 years.


God's Promise in Haiti has achieved the Guidestar Platinum Seal of Transparency