Giving Through God's Promise in Haiti

Consider contributing to one or more of the giving campaigns below!


God's Promise in Haiti is a 501(c)3 nonprofit based in the United States that is governed by a Haitian & American Board of Directors who are are dedicated to providing leadership, guidance, and resources to improve the standard of living for those Haitians in the Germaine community.


Student Scholarships Campaign

Although public education in Haiti exists, there is very little, if any, public funding available to meet the needs of the students or schools. As a result, of the over 15,000 schools in Haiti, 90% are private and they require a family to pay tuition fees of $150 per student, which represents 27% of a family's annual income of $560. This fee does not include uniforms and shoes, school supplies, food, and other costs. When students are able to attend, the length of stay is less than 4 years.

Annual Giving Campaign

Annual giving is an integral part of God's Promise in Haiti overall fundraising plan. With these gifts, we are able to provide many of the desperately needed services that affect the standard of living for the Haitian families that we serve.


​Water Purification & Clean Drinking Water Project

​There are over 5,000 residents who live in Germain, Haiti and access to "clean drinking water" is a constant struggle. Our goal is to establish a clean drinking water distribution center for a needy the residents. In keeping with our concept to empower Haitians, we will set up a system of community ownership for the well-house. The cost of this project is $35,000 which includes the purchase of the property, drilling the well, constructing the purification system, and building the well house structure.

Family Home Construction

Would you, your church, your business like to sponsor the construction of a new home for a homeless family in Haiti? For $6,000 you can provide a 800 square foot home with 2 bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, dining room, living room, front porch, electricity, and plumbing.