Student Sponsorship Ministry

Hello future sponsors!
The student ministry program was created as part of God's Promise in Haiti to support families in sending their children to school and connect sponsors with students. All of the schools in Haiti are private and families have to find a way to pay for tuition out of pocket. Through our program, sponsor's payments will help cover tuition, uniforms, school supplies and healthcare. We are thrilled to have a growing number of consistent students in our program and with your help it is our hope that we will keep growing! As we continue to partner with College Notre Dame de Grace de Blanchard, we hope to be able to support the school, faculty and students as much as possible.
If you are interested in sponsoring a student, please click the button below, select your donation amount, and then select "2021 Primary Student Ministry Fund."


Questions about the Student Sponsorship Ministry?

Feel free to reach out to the Head of our Student Sponsorship Ministry, Lauren Haines, directly at